Mission Statement

We, St. Paul Catholic Church, Dedicate Our Lives to God

In humble acceptance of our responsibility, we commit ourselves to communicating our one faith while acknowledging our differences. The needs of all, whether young or old, will be ministered to by all the faithful in order that all may grow spiritually in their relationship with God and one another. Our parish family will be led by the Holy Spirit so that the witness of our lives will reflect the peace gained by accepting the sacrifice of Christ.


As Apostles of the Word and Sacraments:

  • We worship and pray faithfully so that Jesus may continue to fill our hearts with strength.
  • We practice tolerance in our dealings with others so that we may become models of love and forgiveness. We recognize God’s healing power in our community.
  • We are active in the education of ourselves, our children and our youth so that we may see not only the importance of knowledge but the value of the Gospel.
  • We reach out to those who are ill in body or spirit so that the sick may know the healing powers of our faith.
  • We show support to the poor so that they may know the compassion of a community dedicated to human dignity.
  • We support the parish leadership so that they may continue to serve the needs of the community.