Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion is a lay person commissioned to share the Body and Blood of Christ with his/her fellow worshipers in the assembly. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are approved by the pastor with prayerful consideration of the needs of the community and the qualifications of the individual (an application must be completed). Applicants must be registered members of our parish and be confirmed in the Catholic faith.

Preparation for this ministry includes:

  • Formal instruction through the Diocesan Office of Liturgy upon the recommendation of the Pastor.
  • Parish instruction as to local customs and responsibilities.
  • Formal commissioning at a parish liturgy, to distribute Eucharist from the altar only.
  • Attendance at a diocesan scheduled morning of reflection; session is required once every two years for mandate renewal.
  • Safe Environment Video and Fingerprinting will be necessary.

Mandate renewals are every five years. Along with preparations for this ministry, the coordinator must be contacted to prepare the person for the workshop through the Diocese of Orlando Liturgy Office.

If you are interested in becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, please contact Jeff Falanga at 352-787-6354 ext. 251.