1. Log on to Diocese of Orlando Website,
  2. Click on SAFE ENVIRONMENT CERTIFICATION on the top of the page.
  3. Read the instructions displayed and then Click On the tiny box: “I have read and understand the instructions.”
  4. Then click on “Click here to begin Safe Environment training.”

Please note completion of Steps 1-4 of Safe Environment Certification may take up to one hour.

Step 1: Watch Safe Environment Certification video; Click on “PLAY” (you can Pause and Resume, but you cannot Rewind)

Step 2: When the video is complete, click on “Click here to review the Standards of Conduct.” Read the Diocese’s Standards of Conduct and agree to terms by clicking on the tiny box “I have read and agree to abide by these Standards of Conduct.” Proceed to the quiz by clicking on “Click here to take the quiz.”

Step 3: Enter your full legal name as it appears on at least two forms of identification. Entity: click on “Select one” and choose ST. PAUL PARISH – LEESBURG. Role: click on “Select one” and choose “Volunteer”. Then, click on “Next” to begin the quiz. Complete the 20 question True or False quiz and click on “Finish.”

Step 4: Passing scores are 80% and above.

If you pass, you may immediately download your certificate by clicking on “Download Certificate.”

Results will be emailed to St. Paul Catholic Community and to the Human Resources Secretariat.

If you fail, you will be redirected to begin again at Step 1.

Please print two extra copies of your Safe Environment Training certificate, submit one to the St. Paul Catholic Community Security Office and the other to your Ministry Leader.

If you were told that you DO NOT need to be fingerprinted, you are done!  Just print your certificates!

Only if your Ministry leader told you to get fingerprinted, after completing the Safe Environment Training, follow the instructions for Fingerprint Registration.

  1. Fingerprint Registration:  You will be able to click through to to schedule fingerprinting after you have completed the quiz.
  2. Once the site opens, you will click on the purple box: Schedule an Appointment.
  3. Next, enter your email under the New User/Sign Up box on the left. Everyone will need to sign up as a new user in order to schedule a fingerprinting appointment. If needed, the applicant would be able to log back in to reschedule a fingerprint appointment to avoid a missed appointment fee.
  4. Continue to enter your information and choose your appointment date/time.