Funeral Planning Ministry

Ministry of Consolation (Funeral Planning)

This ministry helps grieving family members make all the necessary arrangements for the Funeral Mass of the deceased. The ministry also helps others to work their way through the grieving process from the death of a family member, spouse, child, or parent. Those needing this assistance, please contact Mary Lou Mroczkowski at 352-446-4074.

The Ministry also offers to help parishioners to preplan Funeral Masses. Contact Mary Lou Mroczkowski at 352-446-4074.

Liturgy for Planning a Christian Burial

In every celebration for the dead, the Church attaches great importance to the reading of the word of God. The readings proclaim to the assembly the Paschal Mystery, teach remembrance of the dead, convey the hope of being gathered together again in God’s kingdom, and encourage the witness of Christian life. In the celebration of the Liturgy of the Word at the funeral liturgy, the Biblical readings may not be replaced by nonbiblical readings.

Please visit the USCCB at Bereavement and Funerals for a listing of appropriate readings.