St. Paul’s Rosary Makers

From October to May, St. Paul’s Rosary Makers meet on Wednesdays to make rosaries.  During the summer months our projects continue but on a much smaller scale as many of our members head up north.

The ROSARY MAKERS is a ministry of love for the Blessed Mother.  We do not always love to make rosaries but we love why we make them.  Rosary making can be tedious but Our Lady rewards our efforts and gives graces to those making them and those who receive them. The ROSARY MAKERS are about the Blessed Mother’s business of getting out the ROSARY to as many people as possible.  The Blessed Mother told the world at Fatima that the ROSARY will stop Satan and heresy. Whether we make rosaries or we recite rosaries, we are working for the Blessed Mother.

The highlight of the year according to our members is the Rosary Project with St. Paul’s School.  Each 8th grader designs a personal rosary and that rosary is made by one of the Rosary Makers.  Each rosary is returned to the student with a personal note and promised of prayers on their behalf.

From the streets of New York City to the prisons in New York State, our rosaries have had an impact on lives in saving unborn babies and souls in prison.  Sr. Dorothy Rothar CSJ credits the saving of hundreds of unborn babies to the Rosary, while Fr. Paul Tolve is striving to give a one decade rosary to prisoners in a large New York State prison.  Fr. Gianni also take our rosaries with him to the Dominican Republic.

We also fill a number of requests from various charities for their work among the poor, both in this country and overseas. The rosaries form St. Paul’s Rosary Makers have been sent to Kenya for the recent visit of Pope France to that country.  Fr. Sabastian who is our contact in Kenya was once assigned to St. Paul’s Church for three months.  Our rosaries are distributed in India, Mexico, the Philippines and many other countries through such organizations as the Missionaries of Charity, Food for the Poor and other worldwide organizations.

The Rosary Makers have been in touch with the Franciscan Brothers of Peace who are supporting a pro-life rosary.  This rosary is very colorful and each bead is dedicated to a specific pro-life need.  We are looking to expand our outreach with these beads and help spread this devotion.

For the last two years we have been supplying a number of rosaries to St. Paul’s Street Evangelization, a group out of Detroit, who work the streets in several large cities giving out rosaries and answering questions about the faith.

This year we are working on some new projects. First, we have been filling a basket that is left in the Church with rosaries.  These rosaries are geared to the YEAR OF THE ROSARY FOR MERCY,   This year our members are participating in a project that we call the LEGACY PROJECT.  A member can sign out a kit of rosary making materials and then teach someone else to make rosaries.  In turn that person can distribute these rosaries to anyone who wants them.

The Rosary Makers have discovered that there is no problem or evil that cannot be overcome by daily recitation of the Rosary. We also encourage others to pray the Rosary by supplying rosaries to as many people as possible.

We are a ministry within a ministry. Many of our members work from home and only belong to this ministry. Making rosaries makes them feel a part of the work of the parish.  Our rosaries give courage to women seeking an abortion, peace to people in violent areas of Mexico and hope to the poor in Africa.

Since 1986, we have produced almost 300,000 rosaries made of beads and cord. Missionaries all over the world are begging for these rosaries to give to their people.  Anyone interested in joining us, please inquire at the Parish Office.   We now have instructions for making rosaries in Spanish.

For more information, call Mary Beekman at 352-638-2747 or Dianne Crisafulli at (352) 874-0058.